Human Resource Management

Do not reinvent the wheel. Human resource management is the best way to retain your customers and improve you brand value. Implement a robust Human resource management system and secure your future market share today.

1. Employee Record Management

Once an employer hired an employee He/she needs to set up and maintain records of employee information. Due to the confidentiality of the information only few people get the access to it. So that these records are manage and maintain by the organization HR staff. We will help you to manage and maintain the employee records with keeping its privacy as it is. 

2. Employee Handbook and Policies

An Employee handbook and policies is essential for every organization whether it is small medium or large to effectively manage people. It provides the rules and the framework that describe how an organization operates its functions.
At TechZonez we develop HR policies and procedures covering all aspects of the employment life-cycle and update developed policies whenever necessary. 

3. Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection is one of the critical business concerns that directly contribute to the organization development. Because only the employees with desired skills can bring success to the business. But recruiting the right candidate is not that much easy task you need to plan manpower requirement, advertise, interview, screen, select and on-board. It’s a huge process need to spend more time that can be utilize for operations. 

4. Payroll Administration

Payroll administration is one of exhausting job in an any organization. Attendance tracking, overtime calculating, tax and statutory deductions, these activities consume lot of time which you can use to improve the productivity of your organization. At the end if you unable to pay on time for your employees you will ended up with having unhappy employees with frustration.

5. Performance Appraisal and Reviews

A well-developed performance management system provides clear path for employees about their roles in developing the business and what the organization expected from them to deliver. Reviewing performance in regular basis will helps to identify pinpoints. The outcomes of the performance review can be used to improve or sharpen the existing skills of the employees to tally with the organizational goals.

6. Retention and exit interviews

Employee retention should be list on top priorities of every organization. Think, one of your top performing employee resign from your company. What will first come to your mind? …How can I find such performer again…. Do you ever think what will be other employees view on that? They will definitely wondering if they should start to looking for a new job too. That’s why it says employee retention is a key to success of the organization.

7. EPF & ETF Consulting

Providing statutory benefits is responsibility of a employer as well as a right of a employee. According to the government low every employer legally bound to pay contribution to the fund from the first day of employment despite of number of employees whether they are permanent, temporary, apprentice, casual or shift worker. We will consult you with employer registration, employee registration and contributions.

8. Training and Development

Effective training and development enhance the performance of your employees.Training and development helps to fill the skill, Knowledge and Attitude gaps identified by performance evaluation of employees. In return which can result in improving performance of individuals to uplift the productivity of the organization.

9. Dispute management

Disputes arises where there is poor employee employer relations it slow down your organization development. Human resource department take greater responsibility when managing disputes. Are you facing such situation in your organization? Don,t worry we’ll be your HR business partner we will help you to deal with the dispute situation acting as Negotiator, Mediator and Arbitrator.

10. HR Audits

Our HR audit process evaluate readiness of the in-house HRM system and related infrastructure needed for growing business. It identifies the opportunities to improve and can be applied to a company in any regardless small or large. We start our work with a HR audit, therefore, which to be addressed from the beginning and aim to repeat in annual basis to assess the progress we have jointly achieved.


Why outsource of human resource management is preferred for small and medium enterprises?

Systematic Approach

We use systematic approach to handle HR related matters on your workplace. We’ll visit your place, discuss and Identify the problem, listen and observe to collect data, analyse and provide real time solutions.

Cost Effective Solution

Our core business is business management and we have vast experince and experties. Therefore, it is possible offer cost effective solutions to customers without compromising the quality.

Expert Touch

Support services never get best budgets or people in a business yet can greatly affect final goals such as profits and achievements. TechZonez allow business to have best management systems.



LKR                         40,000 per month
  • +LKR 400 per employee
  • Continues Service
  • Strategic Implimentation


LKR 400,000 per package
  • Full implimentation
  • within 2 months
  • One time job